About AWA


G’day! Welcome to the Australians in Washington (AWA) website!

We are a bunch of Australians- and friends of Australians- currently living in the Washington DC metropolitan area who like to get together now and again for a bit of fun, Aussie-style. Our group consists of people from all over Australia. Some of our members have come here with their company on an assignment; some are Australian Embassy staff and others work here freelance or are studying.

We also have members who have made the DC area (&/or America) their permanent home &/or business location. Most members live in the tri-State area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) but many come from further afield (Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore). With professions including entrepeneurs, lawyers, small business owners, property developers, teachers, bankers, scientists, domestic engineers, & artists, if you are an Aussie, partner or friend of an Aussie, have spent time in Australia, or just love hanging out with Aussies, we are the Association for you!

We hold a range of regular events to celebrate Australia and being Australian, including an Australia Day function, an Easter Egg hunt, ANZAC Day Celebrations, live-showing of the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and a Christmas function at the Ambassador’s residence. We also hold a regular monthly outing which may be anything from a “Thirsty Thursday” happy hour (or two), to wine tours.

Whatever the reason you’re in DC, we’re glad to have you on board!